Why is it good to walk barefoot?


Blogpost by josefinesyoga

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I am in Halmstad and enjoy the barefoot life, but I will soon take off to the city. One of the things I don't like so much being in town, is that I need to wear shoes, it makes me claustrophobic in some way and ungrounded. I have always loved walking barefoot and with my lifestyle, I can actually do it almost everyday because I mostly hang in nature. Actually, I do not know why I love it so much, to go barefoot, but it feels good throughout my whole body.

The other day, I even found some research on why it's so beneficial to go barefoot. Apparently it gives us connection to the natural energy of the earth and can reduce both fatigue and different types of pain. You call it "Earthing" or "Grounding".

What happens is that when our feet (or, of course, other parts of the body) come into contact with the soil, we absorb free electrons in the body. It, in turn, helps neutralize excess free radicals (which is often a cause of inflammation and disease in the body). In other words, these electrons can be called nature's greatest antioxidants. In order for this exchange of electrons between the soil and the body to occur, it should be a direct skin contact with the soil rather than for example asphalt or plastic soles (some materials do not stop the flow, for example, natural materials on the shoes are better than plastic).

Soil seems, according to research, to be good for most things, such as:

• Reducing inflammation

• Reducing pain

• Reducing stress

• Improving sleep quality

• Increasing energy

YEAH - more barefoot life for the people !!!!